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Do you wish to pursue undergraduate medical studies in Australia? We have designed this online seminar just for you!

With the support of JACK StudyAbroad, the official representative of many leading Australian universities in Singapore, Prep Zone Academy is proud to offer an online seminar to aspiring medical students looking to prepare for the ISAT and apply to top Australian undergraduate programs.

In addition to providing invaluable information regarding the demanding requirements of Australian medical schools, this seminar also provides plenty of information on test preparation tips so that you can achieve a high ISAT score – one of the key requirements for applying.

It is an online-only event that is free to attend. You are welcome to bring your parents!

About JACK StudyAbroad

JACK StudyAbroad was established in 2005 with the purpose of helping students from Singapore and the SEA region gain admission to universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. JACK StudyAbroad is also the official representative of leading Australian universities in Singapore.

About The ISAT

The ISAT, or International Student Admissions Test, is an essential requirement for many Australian medical schools. It is a computer-based test that assesses candidates’ abilities in English, mathematics, and critical thinking. Getting a high ISAT score is highly recommended for aspiring medical students.

About The Seminar

Date & Time



1. University Criteria Unveiled

Engage with a representative from JACK StudyAbroad, as they navigate through the intricate timelines and stringent requirements set by Australian universities.

2. Mastering The ISAT

Dive into the intricacies of standardized test requirements customized for Australian medical schools. Join us as experts from Prep Zone Academy guide you through tested content in various exams, providing insightful examples to enhance your understanding.

3. Singapore Medical Council (SMC) Recognised Universities

Learn about Singapore Medical Council (SMC) Registered Universities in Australia and their role in determining eligibility for medical registration in Singapore.

4. Interactive Q&A Session

Elevate your understanding further through a dynamic Q&A session, where you can seek clarification, gain personalized insights, and interact with our panel of experts.