ISAT Intensive Course 2020

The Only Course You Need To Ace The ISAT
With a team of seasoned ISAT trainers and a schedule packed with classes, Prep Zone Academy’s ISAT Intensive Course will provide you with all the preparation you’ll ever need to ace the ISAT.

Designed to cover the entire ISAT syllabus in a month, with 28 hours of back-to-back ISAT concept classes, tutorials, and ISAT practice tests, make the best use of your time. Our intensive courses are available leading up to the ISAT testing periods.

Intensive Course Start – End Dates
Ideal for candidates taking the ISAT during May’s testing period: May 16 – May 24, 2020

  • April Group: 4 April – 26 April, 2020
  • April – May Group: 25 April – 17 May, 2020
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About The ISAT Intensive Course

Many Australian undergraduate medicine courses requires the ISAT as an entry requirement. Ideally, you should aim for a score above the 80th percentile to be on the safe side and secure an interview with the school of your choice.

Every year, our ISAT trainers help many students ace the ISAT, and get into their desired medical programmes. Our students regularly score in the 90th percentile of the ISAT, with some even breaking 99th percentile.

In this ISAT Intensive Course, you will get a comprehensive review of the ISAT through our 28 hours worth of classes. Our Quantitative Reasoning & Critical Reasoning Concept Classes will be covering the fundamentals, difficult questions for the ISAT as well as tips & tricks to score high for the ISAT.

3 Quantitative Reasoning Classes (3 hours each)

Number Properties, Equations, Percentages, Ratios, Sets & Venn Diagram, Statistics, Rates, Counting, Logical Reasoning

 3 Critical Reasoning Classes (3 hours each)

Reading Comprehension, Interpretation, Graph, Figure & Image Interpretation, Inference, Quotes, Argument Analysis

2 Tutorials (2 hours each)

Students will be attempting advanced-level questions under timed conditions & learn how to best tackle the questions effectively. Students can also clarify their doubts during these tutorial sessions.

2 Full-length Practice Test Sessions (3 hours each)

Students will be given full-length practice papers during these sessions. This will help students familiarise themselves with the test format & reinforce their understanding.

Course Schedule


Prep Zone Academy Rochester – 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall, #02-05, Singapore 138639
Prep Zone Academy Springleaf – 3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower, #08-03, Singapore 079909

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