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ISAT - Individual Course

Individual ISAT Course

Fully Customisable ISAT Preparation Course

With 1 in 3 students scoring in the 90th percentile for the ISAT, Prep Zone Academy is proud to be Singapore’s #1 ISAT preparation centre since 2006. With a team of veteran ISAT trainers and a host of in-house ISAT roadmaps and practice questions, we are here to help you ace the ISAT with confidence.

With our Individual ISAT Course, you will get a completely personalised ISAT preparation journey, prepared by our best trainers. Our experienced trainers will customise the program based on your starting level to help you achieve your dream score.

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Get the best training to ace the ISAT from Singapore’s #1 ISAT training centre! If you’re looking for flexibility without compromising your ISAT performance, this course will allow you to build your fully personalised study plan with your designated ISAT trainers, over the internet.

These individual sessions will help you to…

  • Build a solid foundation & understanding of the ISAT curriculum
  • Improve your weak areas
  • Work on the application of concepts learnt
  • Answer difficult questions
  • Improve on your time management skills
  • Best of all, the class schedule is completely controlled by you!

Course Curriculum

Here’s an overview of the topics covered during the ISAT course.

  • Quantitative Reasoning Sessions Number Properties, Equations, Percentages, Ratios, Sets & Venn Diagram, Statistics, Rates, Counting, Logical Reasoning
  • Critical Reasoning Sessions Reading Comprehension, Interpretation, Graph, Figure & Image Interpretation, Inference, Quotes, Argument Analysis

What's Included

Prep Zone Academy’s ISAT Roadmap (slides covered in class)

Full-length practice tests

Complimentary ISAT Consultation (personalised study plan & preparation timeline)

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