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ISAT Consultation

ISAT Consultation | Prep Zone Academy

With an impeccable ISAT track record and a team of experienced, dedicated trainers, Prep Zone Academy™ is truly Singapore’s #1 ISAT preparation centre. If you are planning to get into any Australian medical programme, and thus require professional advices for personalised ISAT preparation, why not have a chat with one of our qualified experts?

We are currently offering a free individual consultation session with our ISAT expert – all you need to do is filling in the registration and decide on a time slot with our staff. If you are residing outside of Singapore, we also offer the same consultation service via Skype or Zoom.

Our ISAT expert will provide advices to best prepare for the ISAT based on your schedule:

  • When to plan your ISAT test dates
  • ISAT Preparation – a clear and strategic test prep approach
  • Your overall test-taking timeline and class planning
  • What is a good ISAT score

During this consultation, feel free to ask any questions you might have about the ISAT and your preparation, we are here to help!

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For further inquiries call us at +65 6812 9999.


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