About the ISAT

The ISAT is a standardized admission test for international students applying to medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and physiotherapy courses at Australian universities and University of Limerick, Ireland. The test is independently developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

The test is a 3-hour computer-based multiple-choice test designed to assess a candidate’s intellectual skills and abilities that form the foundation of academic success at tertiary level.

ISAT Test Structure

Critical Reasoning

Critical Reasoning involves comprehending and analysing information; understanding, applying and extending ideas; drawing appropriate conclusions; and evaluating arguments. These questions use material from the humanities and social sciences.

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning involves analysis and application of information; drawing conclusions and making decisions; and solving problems. These questions use material from mathematics and sciences.

Taking the ISAT

When should I take the ISAT?

ISAT results are considered current for two years. Candidates may re-sit ISAT after 12 months from their previous sitting have elapsed. If a candidate has more than one result in the ACER database, the university will have access to all sets of scores.

Which schools require the ISAT?

To find out which schools require the ISAT, their respective descriptions , programmes and test dates here.

General Inquiry

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